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Villa Aurelia, Rome, May 2024

Steven L. Ossad is an independent biographer, historian, and retired Wall Street technology analyst focused on leadership and command at the Operational level, applying historical insights for private and public enterprises on organization/strategy/succession, and applying augmented/virtual/artificial reality to management training.


Ossad is the author of Omar Nelson Bradley: America's GI General, 1893-1981 decorated by the Society for Military History with its Distinguished Book Award (2018) and with Don R. Marsh Major General Maurice Rose: World War II's Greatest Forgotten Commander. In 2014, he received a General and Mrs. Matthew Ridgway Research Award from the Army War College for his work on Omar Bradley. In 2003 the Army Historical Foundation recognized his work with a Distinguished Writing Award. His article "Out of the Shadow and into the Light: Col. David 'Mickey' Marcus and U.S. Civil Affairs in World War II," published in Army History, was a runner up for that same award in 2016. As a result of this article and the efforts of others, Colonel Marcus was postumously recognized as a Distinguished Member of the Civil Affairs Regiment at then Ft. Bragg now Ft. Liberty on October 26, 2017. It was the author's birthday. The University Press of Missouri will publish Mickey's biography for the Holidays 2024.

"Mickey," Steven L. Ossad, Graphite and charcoal on paper, 2020

Steve has written for Army History, WWII History, World War II, Global War Studies, Civil War Quarterly, Military Heritage, Military History, Wharton Leadership Digest, Training Magazine and the CNBC Author's Blog. His most recent article, The Liberation of Nordhausen" describes the horror the men of 3rd Armored Division found on April 11, 1945 deep in Germany. His review of Jim Proser's biography of James Mattis No Better Friend No Worse Enemy is available on StrategyBridge. His Academia Page describes his work.


Ossad holds a BA with Honors in philosophy from Wesleyan University, an MA in political philosophy from the New School for Social Research, and MBA from Harvard Business School.


Ossad lives in Midtown East in Manhattan with family in London.