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Major General Maurice Rose: World War II's Greatest Forgotten Commander


"As distinguished historian Martin Blumenson notes in his Foreword, Steven Ossad and veteran Don Marsh have written a biography of General Maurice Rose, the famed American armor commander, 'with sensitivity and skill'" Prof. A. Harding Ganz, The Journal of Military History, January 2004

“Your biography of Gen. Rose was illuminating. The 3rd Armored Division's accomplishments have been given their due. You have gone a long way in providing valuable insight to their valor and determination.” Maj. General Thomas Tait, Ret., former Commandant, U.S. Army Armor School, August 2003

"Maj. Gen. Maurice Rose was a remarkable officer who established a superb record as a combat leader. First as commander of the 2nd Armored Division’s Combat Command A and then as the commanding general of the 3rd Armored Division, Rose emerged as one of the most aggressive tactical commanders of the war. Whether Rose is "World War II’s greatest forgotten commander" is certainly debatable, but Ossad and Marsh have filled a huge gap in the war’s historiography by outlining the career of this legendary leader." Col. Cole C. Kingseed, USA Ret., Ph.D., Army Magazine, August 2003

"... a valuable work of military historical literature.... Mr. Ossad and Mr. Marsh have painstakingly researched the life of this fascinating although relatively unknown American hero." Martin K.A. Morgan, Research Historian, National D-Day Museum

"The highest ranking American Jew ever killed in action, he was one of the war's ablest yet almost forgotten officers. It was a daunting prospect for a biographer, but Steven Ossad and Don Marsh persevered, dug, and wrote this fully documented, meticulously detailed and absorbing study. It is a rewarding and inspiring portrait." WWII History Magazine, November 2003


"Given the paucity of material General Maurice Rose left behind about anything except his impressive military achievements, this fine biography of a distinguished American commander, the highest-ranking American Jewish officer ever killed in battle, represents a considerable success."
Publishers Weekly, August 2003

"Maurice Rose, a tall, handsome soldier was a stand-offish person with those around him. No one in the 3rd Armored Division really got to know much about his personal life. Married twice, he kept his life so secret that his two sons, by different wives, did not know the other existed until many years after some digging by one of the authors. Rose was a brave man, single-minded, whose only mission was to defeat the Nazis as quickly and as throughly as possible. Whether that was due to his Jewish background (which he seemed to shun) or not is problematical. He demanded absolute loyalty from his men. He would not accept any excuse from any of his subordinate commanders -- accomplish your mission or move on! This book sheds a lot of light on the man whom General J. Lawton Collins regarded "as the top notch division commander in the business at the time of his death." I heartily recommend it especially to those who are interested in the fighting in North-west Europe during WWII."
Robert K. Pacios, Veteran of the 3rd Armored Division, Amazon, 2003

"During the Battle of the Bulge his 'daring, boldness, guile, and strength of will' emerged and showed him to be 'one of the greatest division commanders ever produced by our country' Hyperbole? Perhaps, but the authors convinced me that the name of Maurice Rose should be remembered along with that of General Patton." William F. Gavin, The Washington Times, August 17, 2003

"Rose became the highest-ranking American Jewish officer ever killed in battle. The incident even sparked a war crimes investigation. This book and its findings might be considered the final chapter in the investigation." Paul DeGaeta, Herald Tribune (FLA), September 4, 2003

"The book is judicious, fair and enterprising in its discovery of pertinent documents. We owe the authors a debt of gratitude for their intrepid sleuthing and sensitive comment on Rose's Jewish identity. One may imagine that it was not a simple task to navigate among the surviving family members." Hillel Goldberg, Intermountain Jewish News, Aprill 11, 2003

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