Steven L. Ossad

Award-winning Historian and Speaker about Leadership, one-time Wall Street Technology Analyst, Small Company Boards

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Bringing the Boardroom to the Battlefield, or the Other Way Around

The Applied Battlefield Concepts Corporate Staff Ride

What is a Corporate Staff Ride and What Does it Give You?

Utilizing an experiential-learning foundation - based on American philosopher John Dewey and military theorist Arthur Wagner - and the setting of an actual battlefield, the Applied Battlefield Concept Corporate Staff Ride™ is a short duration, senior management development and leadership training tool delivering a powerful, rewarding, and practical team-building experience. It is based on a proven, cost-effective, adaptable, and repeatable template for meeting internal training metrics and improvements in decision making across the entire enterprise.

• Professional Analysis of Organization-Specific Senior Management Development Issues

• Proven, Repeatable, and Proprietary Leadership Development and Team-Building Tool

• Experiential leadership training programs have an immediate, personal impact

• Our program is designed by a succesful Wall Street Analyst who is also a published and award-winning military historian specializing in command and leadership issues

• A “Real World” Metaphor of Crisis Decision-Making Where Terrain Becomes the Environmental Landscape of the Enterprise

• Directly Relevant Program Design Perspective

• Experiential Learning and Interactive Case Study Method

Join Applied Battlefield Concepts LLC on a real world learning experience that will give a unique context to your most important concerns - and expand your thinking.


Almost any organization can integrate the Corporate Staff Ride into existing senior management training and development programs. The cost of developing and implementing a customized APPLIED BATTLEFIELD CONCEPTS LLC Corporate Staff Ride is $25,000-$50,000 (plus expenses) and takes 3-months to implement.

The Corporate Staff Ride is flexible, adaptable, and repeatable and can be structured to 1) focus on a particularly important aspect of the enterprise, 2) invest in leadership development at a specific management level, or 3) explore leadership issues relevant to the entire enterprise.